Runestone Fusion System

Runestones Fusion System

[Features of Runestones Fusion System]

1) In runestones fusion process, it might be failed.

2) If the runestones fusion process fails, one runestone used in the process will be destroyed.

3) The runestones fusion system is non-reversible once it's succeed.

4) Re-spec sheltoms can be used as a seal in the process. Depends on the stone used increase the chances of success.

5) When the runestones fusion process is succeed, there are certain chances of runestones receive additional attributes. The status is obtained at random value, those values are among HP(Health Point), SP(Stamina Point) and MP(Mana Point).

6) The runestones used in runestone fusion process should be at the same grade and color.

Runestones Fusion Method

[How To Use]

The runestone fusion is done through the NPC Novic, in Pillai Town, with cost in gold.

( Or you can insert the Material Combination.xlsx in the folder.)

[Sealing Material]

Re-spec stone can be used as seal in the runestones fusion process, increasing the chance of success.





*The higher the level of the re-spec stone, greater the chance of success.

[Runestones Fusion Results]

( Or you can insert the Runestones Fusion Results.xlsx in the folder.)

[Major Runestones]

When successfully performing Runestone Fusion with Superior Runestones, it results in the Major Runestone.

Major Red Runestone

+ 25 Strength(Without HP/SP/MP Bonus)

Major Yellow Runestone

+ 25 Spirit(Without HP/SP/MP Bonus)

Major Purple Runestone

+ 25 Talent(Without HP/SP/MP Bonus)

Major Blue Runestone

+ 25 Agility(Without HP/SP/MP Bonus)

Major Green Runestone

+ 25 Health(Without HP/SP/MP Bonus)

[Compound Seal]

It's a cash shop item, used to increase by 100% the chance of success of obtaining additional bonus in Runestone. The attribute is randomly generated being HP, SP or MP ranging from 100-255.
(The Compound Seal does not affect the chance of success of Runestones Fusion process).

More backgrounds about this system:

This weekly quests is updated and launched at KPT on May 14th, 2015 and EPT synchronously updated and launched at Ver 3191 on October 21st, 2015. Special thanks to YamiEx to updated those information in time and GM Codex & GM Spooky to launch this weekly quests after fully and properly testing.

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