Respeccing means changing the Spec of your Items, It's Random,
many times it changes to No Spec, It's just up to your Luck.
You can Respec your Weapons, Armors, Robes, Shields, Orbs,
Gauntlets, Boots, Armlets, Amulets, Rings and Sheltoms.
You can only change the spec of an item if it is clean (Not aged or mixed).
You must go to the "Mixing Craftsman, Morald" who is at Ricarten.

Add the Item in the Box where it says Equipment and Add the Seals
where say Sheltom, u will need some gold also
(Seals are the Gyfu, Nied, Teiwaz, Jera or Sol depends of the Item Level, a table is below).

You can increase 50% the chance of an item to become to your spec by purchasing
a Re-spec Stone at the PT1 Cash Shop.

Check the below Table for information on which Seals to use:

  Respec Table
Item Level    
    Required Seals
   Gyfu X 2
   Nied X 2
   Teiwaz x 2
   Jera X 2
   Sol X 2

Gyfus and Nieds can be purchased at the Miscellaneous Store (Pot Lady).
Teiwaz can only be bought from Ahin NPC who randomly spawns at the end of SoD.
Jeras can be dropped at Maps Level 80+ (recommend Ice1/Ice2/K.Cave),
killing monsters like Grotesque/Iron Fist can drop Jeras, but it's so rare,
at Events like the Mini Monsters and Mini Bosses and you can
purchase them in the Mileage Shop at the SubaGames Site.