The Bless Castle is located under the bamboo forest of the Tempskron's southern part of the continent.



Game Rules

The Seige of Bless Castle is held on every Saturday between 10:00 - 12:00 Server Time (EST).

During this time, participating clans engage in warfare separated into 2 sides in order to destroy and defend the Valhalla Towers.

First Seige

Unfolding of Bless Seige Warfare

Soldier System

The Soldier System allows defending clan to hire NPC to aid the defense of Bless Castle.

Crystal Tower System

The Crystal Tower helps to boost the defending clan , when used in company with the soldiers. There are 3 different crystals with each unique characteristic.

Valhalla Tower

The Valhalla Tower is a very important factor to win/lose of the Siege of Bless Castle. If the crystal placed in the middle gets destroyed, the challenging clan wins. And if not, victory goes to the defending clan and ends the Siege of Bless Castle.

Bless Castle Items

Rewards (Right To Adjust Tax)

Rewards (Clan Skills)

Rewards (Fountain Of Soul)

Rewards (Warp Gate)