Add Runestones

Installation of Runestone(s)

1) Runestones Installation Method


Go to Pillai Town and meet the NPC Ricio which is responsible for the installing of runestones.

[Install Runestones]

Place the item on the left side of the window and runestone of the same color of the socket on the right side.

[Starting the Process]

There is a cost to perform the process. Depending on the color and shape of the Rune, a different effect is applied.

[Installation Complete]

Process completed. Rune Stone equipped.


In this example we used the "Superior YellowRune Stone."

Before equipping the Rune:

After equipping the "Superior Yellow Rune Stone". It adds 15 spirit(s).

2) Runestone Items

Insert the Runestone Items.xlsx in the folder.

For more information about this part, please head over to the following thread to get more details: